About Us

Total Optimal Health Pharmacy combines the art of innovation and the science of medicine into an expressive form that allows practitioners and pharmacists to deliver unique and exceptional care to all their patients.

Total Optimal Health Pharmacy has developed its name as a primary location for patients and practitioners to receive their customized medications, fit to help those who do not respond well to traditional treatment, have a unique need, or a medical condition.

We operate in a full-service compounding lab, including  time-released capsules, creams, ointments, gel, troches, and suppositories.  We also provide full-service retail prescriptions.

As a interdisciplinary pharmacy, we have experience dealing with all types of patients doctors, and practitioners. Working as a team, incorporating our long term care, specialty, and retail pharmacies, we are able to provide the best compounded solutions to fit the needs of every patient.

We are a member of PCCA. slot casino games online

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